T. J. Siebeneck
Author of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
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Seraphim of Prey:

The advance of science and our increasing knowledge of the universe, space, and time have led to theories about the existence of multiple dimensions.  The majority of these theoretical dimensions are difficult to wrap our minds around.  However, there is one dimension in particular that has been familiar to us for some time, the parallel spiritual dimension.  Two parallel ribbons strung out over space and time, these two dimensions are separated by a plane known as the veil.  Where the two dimensions collide, the veil spills into both dimensions and an exchange of energy occurs allowing each dimension to influence the other.  This influence can be seen in the form of a blessed place of peace and serenity, or a haunted place of fear and despair.  It is in the veil where a spiritual war is being waged over the souls of man.

The story continues in 2016...