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A new author is born and starting out as a small spec in the vastness of cyberspace. This is my journal...

5/9/15 – Ideas are fermenting inside my head, but the writing is happening very slowly. I will focus on a few short stories, then finish my sequel.

3/15/15I created a blog at wordpress.com where I will discuss things about science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I will post the articles on my main page as news blurbs. Recently I have been focusing on the release of my first book. My updated book cover art is almost finished and release of my book is imminent. This weekend I have updated my website again, and this will hopefully be the final update for a while.

2/1/15I am continuing to work on my final review.  I am making very few changes at this point but want to be extra certain everything is perfect before I release the book.  I was distracted early this weekend with social media and trying to push my kindle scout campaign.  At this point however, I am burned out with it and have returned to my final review.  I hope to finish my final review by next weekend, but I may add one more chapter to the book.  I should be able to finish the additional chapter and review it multiple times before my March deadline.  I am on schedule for a mid-March release now instead of March 1st, but the delay is mostly because I need to wait for the final word regarding a possible kindle publishing deal.

1/26/15The editing process and my final edit is complete, and I am now going through my final read-through prior to release.  From January 28th to February 27th Seraphim of Prey: Harbinger will be featured on Kindle Scout. (HERE)  So, for the first time you can read the first chapter and half.  If you nominate it and Amazon selects it for publication, you will get the free Harbinger eBook.  I am very excited!

1/10/15 - I am currently working on book 2, but I keep getting interrupted by ideas for my fantasy book.  I have been making pages and pages of notes for it.  Fortunately, when I was just about to start writing my Fantasy series I got pulled back into book 2.  There should be just another week of editing for book 1 before return to the final review.  The recent fantasy kick came after I watched The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in the theatre.  I was disappointed by the movie, but it still sparked many ideas.  Because my fantasy series is based on ideas I have had for a long time, I realized how heavily influenced it was from J. R. R Tolkien when I first read The Hobbit as a school assignment many years ago.  So most of my new ideas were replacements for some of the things that were too similar, and really evolved into even better ideas.

My recent sparked inspiration has been amazing, it is like I am on fire and writing comes very easy.  The only issue that I have is time.  It all started shortly after my daughter was born.  It was as if my brain reversed.  It used to absorb everything, and now it is flowing the other way.  Writing is a lot of fun for me now and the ideas and my imagination are always flowing.  I have a strong compulsion to get them out, and create.  Writing has taken over my leisure time, but I am always happy and excited to write.  I never knew what inspiration was until recently.  I am very grateful for it and hope that it remains for a long time.

12/20/14 I completed my final draft of Harbinger, as I call it now, and am in the editing process.  I won’t review my work again until the editing process is over in several weeks.  So, I have already started on the first chapter of Book II.  Book II will span the time period of 2016 to 2035, but primarily be set in the future in the 2030’s, and so my writing will begin its transition to Science Fiction.  Already ideas are building for Book III, but I have other books I am dying to write first, such as my vision of the year 2060, and of course an epic fantasy adventure that waves of inspiration have been keeping me up at night recently.  I just might have to jump around from series to series.  Seraphim of Prey has turned out amazing though, and I have learned a lot about writing and myself.  So much so that I am moving right into Book II and have the first 5 chapters pretty well thought out already.  I will talk more about my inspiration later, but for now, I wish you all a good week before Christmas.


12/14/14 I made major progress on my final review this week, and have found an alternative method to new artwork.  I also am working on by book page and hope to have my new graphics up soon.  So by next week I will hopefully have my book submitted to an editor and will be working on my pages.


12/7/14 This weekend I learned a lot about web development.  All my main links are set up and I learned some additional tricks to make my pages better.  I am very excited to try some of them out soon, however, I need to finish my current draft to get it out to an editor.  So, for the next few weeks I will be focusing my energy to finish it.  Once it is out for editing, I hope to work on adding better graphics to my site.  I will post here occasionally, but for now this is only a journal, because this blog is hiding in a small corner of cyber space where no one can find it.