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Author of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
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Seraphim of Prey:

The advance of science and our increasing knowledge of the universe, space, and time have led to theories about the existence of multiple dimensions.  The majority of these theoretical dimensions are difficult to wrap our minds around.  However, there is one dimension in particular that has been familiar to us for some time, the parallel spiritual dimension.  Two parallel ribbons strung out over space and time, these two dimensions are separated by a plane known as the veil.  Where the two dimensions collide, the veil spills into both dimensions and an exchange of energy occurs allowing each dimension to influence the other.  This influence can be seen in the form of a blessed place of peace and serenity, or a haunted place of fear and despair.  It is in the veil where a spiritual war is being waged over the souls of man.

In a sleepy mountain town Dr. Kher, a paranormal psychologist, has finally found definitive evidence of paranormal phenomenon. In the culmination of his life’s work and quest to obtain the evidence, he unwittingly unleashes a powerful demon upon the world. While the demon wreaks havoc with several lives, Dr. Kher struggles to understand the demon and how to stop it.  His research leads him to another mysterious entity that battles the demon for supremacy, and may be his only hope to stop it.  The stakes are soon raised as the demon rapidly grows in power and begins to take lives.  Will Dr. Kher find a way to stop the rampaging demon, or will he fall into its well laid trap?  What exactly is the mysterious entity that battles the demon?  Many lives are at stake as Dr. Kher struggles against time to stop the demon before it kills again.

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Excerpt from Chapter 7: Bereavement

    That first morning after her best friend's death, it was extremely hard for Jennifer just to get out of bed. She did not even want to turn to her left or right. She just wanted to lie on her back and stare at the ceiling while her tears rolled down her face and soaked her pillow. She imagined she could just lie in bed and rot away. For hours she lay on the bed. She was absent of will or motive to do anything else. Finally hunger pains beckoned her to get up, even though she had no appetite.
    When she finally did get out of bed, she had almost no energy at all. She could not remember ever being this weak before, even when she had had a cold or the flu. Her cat, Baby, was nowhere to be seen. This was odd because he had slept with her every night ever since he was a kitten. She did not have the energy to look for him at the moment, and she went to the bathroom instead to freshen up and try to rouse herself from her drowsiness and lethargy. After washing her face, she started to feel a little better. Her hair was a tangled mess, and she couldn’t wait to brush it. As she did so, she looked over her shoulder and called for her cat. “Baby! Baby, honey, I need you right now,” she shouted with as much effort as she could muster.
    Still there was no sign of her tuxedo cat, and she started to wonder if she had accidently locked him in a closet. Her cat’s absence weighed on her heart. She needed him right now more than ever.
    When Jennifer turned back to the mirror to continue brushing her hair, she was startled to find the image in the mirror was no longer her own. She saw the image of her friend—her face pale with death and her bloodshot eyes boring hatefully into her soul. Jennifer dropped her brush and jumped back against the bathroom wall in horror. The image in the mirror moved of its own accord and growled at her. The image lasted only a few seconds but felt like an eternity. Jennifer’s heart was racing, and it took her a moment to collect herself before she fled the bathroom.
    She called for Baby again while she changed into some comfortable sweatpants and a sweatshirt to wear around the house. After she was dressed, she checked her closets and pantries for Baby. She called out to him as she searched, and she remembered back to the first couple days he had lived with her. He had been a very shy kitten and had hidden under the couch—afraid of the world and everybody in it. She also remembered the feeling the first time he stopped hiding and started following her around everywhere. Whenever new people came over, he would hide under the couch again, and it took several visits before he would trust them enough to come out. She doubted he was under the couch, but she was desperate to find him and did not know where else to look.
    Peering under the couch, a very angry hiss from her usually loving cat met her. A low growl followed the hiss. Jennifer had never heard Baby do that in the four years of his life. She reached for him and coaxed him with her usual soothing words, but Baby just backed away further under the couch and hissed and growled at her.
    “What is wrong with you, Baby?” Jennifer exclaimed, and she withdrew her hand.
    She then went to a cabinet and retrieved his favorite chicken-flavored treat. She tried to bait him out, but he was not buying it. He hissed and growled at her as if she was a malevolent stranger. She tried to get him out from under the couch for fifteen minutes, but she only aggravated him more. When she went to grab him and pull him out, he snapped at her as if fighting for his life. Already low on energy, she gave up on Baby. She tossed the treat under the couch and took a moment to rest before making something to eat.
    She made her way to the kitchen but was startled to find all her cabinet doors open. She knew they had all been closed a moment ago when she retrieved the cat treats. She was startled and confused but shut all the cabinet doors as if that would negate it having happened. Jennifer quickly made the excuse to herself that she must have opened them without thinking when she retrieved the treats. She then shook off the thought and prepared a light meal of fruit, yogurt, toast, and green tea. She still did not have an appetite but felt hunger pains and was low on energy.

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